How to place an order:
Please email and let us know the item/lot# and quantity desired. We will respond with your total.
Once we respond, you can send payment.
We're rockin' the honor system, so if you pay direct, just let us know when you've mailed payment out and we'll ship your order. Order total restrictions apply. You must let us know you've mailed payment if you want your order shipped promptly, otherwise we will wait until payment is received.
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USPS shipping charges are typically $3-$5 for lightweight orders. Some orders can be shipped via 'snail mail' for $1; we will let you know if your order qualifies for this option.
Paypal: we strongly prefer to keep Paypal (and other vendors) out of our transactions but will accept digital payments if needed. Our Paypal is All paypal payments must include a 3% + $0.30 tax to cover vendor fees!

You can send M/O, cash, or coin directly to:
PO Box 1167
Bonner, MT 59823

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. With over 10 years in business and over 10,000 Etsy sales, we've got a solid customer care reputation. We're not here to make a fortune and build a castle in the sand, but to offer quality, sustainable natural resources for others to utilize, as a mutual trade for the cash that directly suppots us. We're here to help if any problems should arise!
Or how about a trade?
Let's keep the bartering spirit alive and well!

- Seeds & plant stock are always welcome! Fertile seeds or bare-root stock of culinary and medicinal herbs, bamboo, fruiting and edible vines/shrubs/trees, and other functional flora- must be zoned for 4/3.
- Healing herbs and preparations: Wildcrafted herbs non-native to our region (for personal use, not for resale), especially with healing/antiseptic properties or anxiety relief are useful. And a good healing salve or tincturenever goes to waste up here. Forestry and animal husbandry comes with an abundance of cuts and scrapes! I never seem to be able to make enough!
- Handmade non-synthetic clothing and footwear are welcome as trade.
- Sustainably wildcrafted foodstuffs such as rice, other grain crops, or, well, anything really. Especially what we can't grow or harvest here. We're open to offers on foodstuffs personally harvested from remote, chemical-free regions.
- Homegrown no-spray organic dried culinary herbs & spices are something we go through A LOT of. Many of the herbs we use daily we don't yet have established here, and we prefer not to purchase from grocery stores! Tarragon, basil, rosemary, mustard seed, paprika, cumin, dill, celery seed, thyme, fennel- the whole herb pantry! We're talkin' ounces, pints, & quarts of herbs!
- Garlic. Seriously. Until we get garlic established properly... organic/no-pray homegrown ears of garlic are like edible gold.
- Goat pack panniers are something we are currently looking for. It would be nice to have a variety of pannier options for our packers and we haven't had the time to make new ones! There is so much work to do and only so many hands to go around!
- Russian honeybees; if you have a pure Russian hive please talk with us!
- Canning jars in serviceable condition for canning and food storage. We never seem to have enough!
- Hay, grain, & livestock feed - if you're within reasonable distance, we are happy to support and trade with local growers of quality, chemical-free livestock feed!
- Other ideas are welcome and encouraged! Wool & fibers, home-tanned leathers, tools, & anything functional may be on our radar! Unfortunately we do not have much use for jewelry or aesthetic items. We're utilitarian around here!
COMMUNITY & OPPORTUNITIES: If you're on a journey similar to our own (maybe a few steps ahead, maybe a few steps behind) and are curious about opportunities or cooperative efforts, feel free to drop us a line! We're always looking to network with like-minded folks and share knowledge. We are eager to help in any way we can :)